Our Story

One day, Mikey and his mom were talking about the fact that there are kids who, sometimes, don’t have enough money for lunch at school. And about how sad that is and how hard it must be to get through the school day without a full tummy. So they did something about it:

hi I’m Mikey. There are a lot of kids who don’t have enough lunch money. That’s not right. Kids need good meals for good brain power.  It’s hard to pay attention at school if you’re hungry. My mom and I talked about it and we’ve both seen that not all kids get lunch every day at school. And with so much bad stuff happening, this is a good thing we can do to make people happy. To let kids know that someone cares about them.

Mom did some asking around and we found out that one middle school nearby, about 30 kids a week don’t have enough lunch money! That’s like my entire science class! I hope you will help us raise money because we’re starting in my school district in Olathe, KS. and we want to grow to be able to help kids in schools all over the Kansas City area. Maybe even further than that.

My mom said to remind you that even if you can’t give money, you can do tons of help by sharing this with your friends. Every bit helps.

From mom (as mentioned above):

Lunch-debt is a real struggle for schools and hungry children. Kids may be short on money for milk or an entire lunch. Maybe reduced-lunch prices are still a struggle for the family. Perhaps there are other struggles at home and a parent forgot to reload the lunch card.

The WHY the kiddo is short on lunch money really doesn’t matter to us.

What matters is that every child has access to a hot lunch at school. Not a sandwich pulled from a stash in the nurses office. No shaming children for not having lunch money.

With Mikey’s Meals we want the lunch room staff to simply be able to access the funds needed to make up the difference, fill the gap and end lunch-debts.

We hope you can help with a donation, a share a like. It all helps the kids!
Let’s fill those tummies!